Costa Paradiso e le sue Spiagge

Costa Paradiso e le sue Spiagge

Costa Paradiso – North Sardinia

Geographically situated in the north coast of Sardinia,

more precisely in the middle of a coastline between Santa

Teresa di Gallura and Castelsardo, Costa Paradiso is an

authentic “Paradise corner” with land extending to about

800 hectares designated in large part as a natural park.

Costa Paradiso’s charm is not simply its clean and exceptional sea, but also wild thickly forested with corks, oaks, junipers and raw red sculpted granite mountains, witch imbue the area with its unique edge-of-the-wilderness appeal.

Costa Paradiso is located 35 km far from Santa Teresa di Gallura and Castelsardo. You can reach the locality from Olbia port and airport, located 75 km from it, or from Alghero (Fertilia airport) or Porto Torres, located 80 km away. From Olbia there are 4 ways to get to Costa Paradiso, and just one from Alghero or Porto Torres.

This amazing place has got about 7 km of coastline, with unique types of rocks and colours, and is characterized by wide rocky coastline broken by sequence of lovely bays, most of them reachable just by sea. It’s between those bays that we found “Li Cossi” (known as one of the marvellous beaches in Europe), achievable by a pathway.

Costa Paradiso complex is furnished with all the necessary services for a comfortable stay, commercial centres, bars, shops, car rental, restaurants and hotels.

There is also a chemist shop and a 24 hour tourist first-aid station. For 24 hours per day, 365 days per year there is a check point with a security guard on the only entrance. The location is managed by an organisation formed by the landlords called “Community” which guarantees the maintenance of roads system, water network, sewerage system etc. All of this has a modest price. The complex has been built with respect of the exclusive natural environment.

Costa Paradiso is an excellent place for scuba diving having astonishing sea depth. There is a modern and furnished “Diving Centre” with qualified and experienced instructors. It is possible to rent the equipment and even to dive in the night.

Costa Paradiso’s small harbour has two docks for small boats, where it is possible to do maintenance operations and more them in winter. Boats can be hired.

The properties in Costa Paradiso are camouflaged with the surrounding natural environment. There are several property types such as one or two bedrooms property and villas with a swimming pool and communal areas.

All needs met in relation to property position and design i.e. dimensions and architecture. The properties are embellished with raw terrain-coloured plaster, valls entirely covered with local red granite, large patios covered in cotto, verandas made of wood and pavement on granite.

There are 4 ways to get to Costa Paradiso from Olbia:

  • The easiest, but longest route, is going through Santa Teresa:

The route is Arzachena -> Palau -> Santa Teresa -> Costa Paradiso;

This is an easy road from Olbia, but in July and August the traffic can be busy. Look on the map and go from Olbia to Palau, head to Santa Teresa and then to Costa Paradiso.

CAREFUL: as you approach Santa Teresa you will come to a crossroads, turn LEFT towards SASSARI. Stay on the road to Sassari. You will pass VIGNOLA, then (about 10km or 6 miles). Look for signs on the RIGHT, which say “COSTA PARADISO”. You’re there.

  • The 2nd longest, but prettiest route, is driving through Tempio:

The route is Telti (or Priatu) -> Calangianus -> Tempio -> Trinita d’Agultu ->

Costa Paradiso.

  • The shortest, but most difficult route, is going through Lugosanto:

The route is Arzachena -> Lugosanto -> Aglientu -> Vignola -> Costa Paradiso

  • Or you can go through the mountains; the road is beautiful (mostly at sunset). But full of curves. It goes from Olbia to Tempio, continue to Aggius and then to Trinità d’Agultu. As you come down the mountains from Trinità, you will find yourself at a crossroads, turn RIGHT towards Santa Teresa (10-15 km or 6-9 miles). Look for signs for Costa Paradiso (to your left). You’re arrived.

  • There is one way to get to Costa Paradiso from Alghero or Porto Torres:

From both of them you have to take the coast road towards Castelsardo and then

the motorway to Santa Teresa, but if you arrive from Alghero you need head to Sassari.

In brief:

  • Costa ParadisoVignola: 10 minutes driving; beach, wind surfing – kite surfing, restaurants,


  • Costa ParadisoSanta Teresa: 20 minutes driving; beaches, shops, restaurants, sailing,

craftsmanship, tourists harbour and embark to Corsica. Must visit Capo Testa (white sand and smooth white granitic

rocks with distinctive shapes), and the first spot in Europe for wind surfers: Porto Pollo.

  • Costa ParadisoCosta Smeralda: 50 minutes; shopping (famous high fashion shops),

craftsmanship, sail, superb coves and beaches, etc.

  • Costa ParadisoIsola Rossa: 10 minutes; beach, restaurants, tourists harbour, diving,

sailing, surfing.

  • Costa ParadisoBadesi: 15 minutes; blue flag beach (13 km bandiera Blu), restaurants, riding schools with excursions, wind surfing – kite surfing, surfing.
  • Costa ParadisoCastelsardo: 30 minutes; historic interest sites, first in craftsmanship

and corals manufacture, excellent restaurants, tuoristic harbour, riding schools.